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National Alliance to End Veteran Suicide

Welcome to the home of the National Alliance to End Veteran Suicide.

The Department of Veterans Affairs estimates that 22 Veterans per day die from suicide.  This is one loss every 65 minutes, totaling 8,030 deaths per year, nearly 20 percent of all suicides in the United States. The biggest age spikes are around 60 years old (our Vietnam era Veterans) and 18-25 (our recent Veterans).   See our press page for related items on Veteran Suicide.

Our Mission: 

To end Veteran suicide in our nation through our focus areas of education, research, resource provision, and community collaborations.

Our Vision:

To create a network of committed, trained, and recognized volunteer champions actively engaged in addressing the alarming concern of suicide deaths among Veterans.  We will impact this concern and provide resources to Veterans, Families and Survivors through the main focus areas of the Alliance.

The Veterans Resource Fair 2015

Free to all Veterans - Tacoma Dome - Sat May 30th 2015
Click here for the event details page for Veteran Resource Fair

Click here to see other events like our Blankets For Hope

Who Is Involved?

  • Individuals that have a warm heart for our Veterans and their families
  • Businesses that have made a difference for those that have served
  • Organizations (non-profits, agencies, military) that collaborate
  • Past Duty Veterans that stood up like us and said, "Not in my country!"
  • Active Duty Veterans that live the phrases; "I got your six" or "I got your back"

Click here for some Community project examples and photos

Start by learning the signs of crisis: click here

Available 24/7/365 

Join Us Now! 

We are requesting that every individual, business and government agency join us in this important mission.  If we all do a little, it adds up to a lot and it makes such an incredible difference in the lives of our Veterans and their families!

Your next step is to read over our Volunteer / Career Opportunities page then connect with our Program Director, Rod Wittmier via email:   Rod.Wittmier <at> na2evs dot org

If you are on Linked-In consider joining the NA2EVS conversation.   Visit our Contact Us page for links to our Facebook, Linked-In and Twitter sites.

Education Opportunities:

If you're a clinician or concerned citizen, start your educational journey into the world of our Veterans by taking the 'Invisible Wounds of War'  or other online training now, by clicking here.


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