Workshop: Operation Veteran Freedom

A 4 session online workshop (or full day in person) specially designed for Military/Veteran families by a Vietnam era Combat Veteran (Jan McHenry).  It uses some of the technology of brain science and some of the technology of a very powerful and highly regarded educational corporation. This is not a suicide prevention workshop, instead it is more like an Operator's Guide to Your Brain.

You do NOT need to relive your trauma to be free!

Commitment:  Is for you to discover new ways to look at yourself, the world including your past and present circumstances. By seeing these things in a new light your past will no longer dictate to you how you feel and limit what actions you can take.

Outcomes:  Upon completion You will experience more Power, Freedom, Full Self-expression, and Peace Of Mind. 

Costs:  Sponsors cover expenses so that it is FREE for our Service Members, Veterans and their adult family members or caregivers.

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Click to view YouTube Playlist from our workshop creator Jan McHenry and testimony from a few attendees

Testimony from Attendees:

"I am at peace. I don't feel alone anymore. I can forgive myself and learn to love myself again."
   Afghanistan - Navy Seal

"As a Senior NCO with over 52 months of combat and many years of therapy, this workshop has brought peace, understanding, and shown me my life's purpose. All Senior leadership should take this. I can't thank you enough!"
   Iraq & Afghanistan - Army Veteran

"I have been in therapy for seven years and nothing has made this kind of difference. This workshop has changed my life and I can now have a great marriage and a better life."
   Afghanistan - Army Nurse

"As a minister I struggle with what others think (a lot). This has helped me to write my own narrative and not allow others to tell my story of who I am."
   1993 to 2001 - Marine

"As a family member of a combat veteran, sometimes we don't realize how much our loved one's experiences affect us. This workshop allowed me to realize my though process is absolutely normal. I now recognize my negative thoughts; I acknowledge them but do not allow them free rent in my brain. I am learning to move on and get on with my life. They will not define me any longer!"
   Wife of a Marine

"This is an amazing program. I am now more connected to friends and family. I am also present to who I am in this world."
   Woman Army Veteran

"As a Combat U.S. Marine, I encourage all my brothers & sisters to take advantage of this workshop. Life changing for sure."
   Vietnam - Marine Combat Veteran

"I used this technique to help me get past what I have thought about myself, I thought that I was always to be a failure! Now I can change my thought process and now I am achieving goals I never thought I could."
   Iraq - Army Veteran

"This workshop has helped me deal with my PTSD. It has been more beneficial than any other help I have received!"
   Iraq - Army Veteran

"With all the professional training I've had in mental health, it allowed me to see my spouses crap. This workshop allowed me to see my own crap!"
   SSVF Mental Health Provider

"This helped me to change my view in every aspect of life and decisions I have made and will make. This will definitely lower the suicide rate in today's military."
   Afghanistan & Iraq - Army Veteran

"Send this workshop to military units and Regional Correctional Facilities across the nation to give veterans more tools to make good choices that are based on facts."
   Recent Army Combat Veteran

"The discussions in this workshop have allowed me to do more than I had ever dreamed possible."
   Vietnam - Army Veteran

"Helped me cope with perceptions of myself from my childhood and learned I do not have to be that person."
   Afghanistan - Army Veteran

"This workshop helped me to put my past in the past and to see what is possible in any situation."
   Iraq - Army Veteran

"I am now able to start to see what triggers me and start to handle in a more positive way. I am finally taking responsibility for my past, present and future."
   Afghanistan & Iraq - Army Veteran

"I am free of my anger."
   Vietnam - Army Veteran

"Helped me with understanding and to realize I shouldn't allow past experiences to affect my future decisions."
   Afghanistan - Army Veteran

"This class should be required training and a part of the ACE program."
   Afghanistan & Iraq - Army Veteran

"This workshop helps Veterans in ways that I have never witnessed."
   Iraq - Army Veteran

"Helped me to realize that some emotions/reactions I have may be linked to past experiences that are no longer relevant."
   Afghanistan & Iraq - Army Veteran

"Life changing! Highly recommended to all military veterans. To give you an opportunity to find peace and true happiness within yourself."
   Recent - Army Veteran

"This workshop was amazing! I believe the tools learned here will help me come to terms with the things that placed me in prison."
   Recent - Army Veteran

"Great class, lots of great lessons and skills to be learned."
   Recent - Navy Veteran

"A great sense of peace and understanding of the things I create for myself."
   Iraq - Veteran

"Intelligent and world-changing for me."
   Recent Navy Veteran

"This program has allowed me to react tactfully and fluently when faced with challenges or depression."
   Iraq - Veteran

"I am grateful for this workshop. Now I can see how deep my own hurts and wounds were. I now am able to have compassion for those that have hurts."
   Recent - Army Veteran

Requirements / Exclusions:

This course is designed for all Military Veterans (male or female), regardless of whether you had; A) served in a war zone, B) were in military operations, or C) experienced trauma in life. It is also for impacted military family members (parents, spouse, adult children, etc.). We encourage providers that work with our Military or Veterans to attend.

You may experience memories about what happened to you and / or others. If you are unwilling to experience the emotions, feelings, body sensations and thoughts that may come up in these discussions, you should discuss this with us prior to the workshop.
If you have attempted suicide in the past 12 months, currently experiencing severe depression or are taking any Psychotropic drugs (those that affect the mind, emotions, or behavior) you should consider talking to your mental health professional before attending this workshop.

You and you alone are responsible for your well-being!

Where Is The Workshop:

Online via Zoom and locations in WA & OR & CA are regularly scheduled, consider attending online or in person.   With additional sponsorship we can bring this workshop to communities across the nation.   To start the conversation for your community, send an email to Rod.Wittmier at

To Attend:

On our events page, please find the Operation Veteran Freedom workshop most ideal for you, click Register to reserve your seat (and one for a significant other, adult family member/caregiver, and/or another Veteran). You might also consider our 45-minute Introduction to the workshop to meet the team and get any questions answered.


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